Should I Keep More Valuable Items at Home or in a Storage Unit?

When you rent a storage unit, it’s easy to want to throw everything you own in there. But if you do that, you risk damaging some of your belongings. Here are a few valuable items you should keep at home.

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is one valuable item that should never leave your home. Not only does it hold sentimental value to you, but it was probably pretty expensive. Putting an expensive and sentimentally valuable item like that into a storage unit is inviting trouble. You could risk damaging an expensive piece of jewelry or even losing it among all of your other belongings. Whether it’s a ring handed down through generations or a pair of earrings that were an anniversary gift, you don’t want to lose track of these items. Small, valuable items like fine jewelry have no place in a storage unit. They’re best kept locked up in your own home where you can keep track of them.

Items with Sentimental Value

You might not own any fine jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you don’t own anything valuable. An old band t-shirt or your dad’s old baseball cap might not be worth a lot of money, but they probably hold precious memories you don’t want to lose. What if there’s a flood or someone breaks into your storage unit? Losing those items likely won’t take a financial toll on you, but the emotional toll will be steep. If you’re considering putting emotionally valuable items into storage, give it a second thought. It’s best to keep these items somewhere safe inside of your own home.


Taxidermied animals are highly valuable pieces. If you hold a taxidermy item near and dear to your heart, it’s best to leave it at home. And when it comes down to it, some storage facilities might not even allow taxidermy in their cheap storage units. These pieces tend to attract pests like bugs and rodents. Not only does that put your self storage company’s reputation at risk, it puts your taxidermy at risk of damage. So if you need to pick and choose what to keep at home, make sure any taxidermied items you own stay put.

Expensive Electronics

A laptop or computer monitor might not seem like something you need to keep at home, but you’d be surprised. Not only are these items highly valuable in a monetary sense, but they may contain valuable information on them. When you place these items in storage, whether it’s cheap self storage or it costs thousands of dollars, you risk inflicting damage on them. Unlike items such as a couch or metal desk, electronics are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and, if not packed with extreme care, could be damaged in the move to storage.


If you own an instrument, you know how valuable they can be. Whether it’s a baby grand piano or a simple acoustic guitar, these items should be kept at home. Like electronics, many instruments are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. A guitar exposed to too much humidity might never play the same again. No matter how great those self storage prices may seem, make sure you keep your instruments at home.
If you live in the Jackson area and you have questions about what valuables you should keep at home, contact us at Markham Self Storage today. We’re here to make sure your belongings stay safe and sound right where they belong.

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