Self-Storage FAQ: Should I Store Small Items in Larger Ones?

When you rent a storage unit, it’s important to know how to properly pack your items. But should you pack smaller items in large ones? Keep reading to learn when you should and shouldn’t pack this way.

If You Want to Maximize Space…

Maximizing space is a must for some people, especially if they’ve secured a cheap self storage unit. Working with a budget is admirable, but at times cheap storage units don’t necessarily offer exactly what your items require. Sometimes a great price is attached to a small storage unit, and packing up everything individually just might not be possible with what you’re working with. 

If getting the most value for the space you’re renting is a priority, then you may want to consider storing small items in larger ones. In this case, it’s a good idea to line the walls of your self storage unit and pull out all the stops to make the most of your space.

If You Need to Dismantle Big Items…

Dismantling large pieces of furniture can be a chore, but all of those little parts need to go somewhere. In this case, it’s better to keep all of those pieces in the same place. That way, you can avoid confusion, frustration, and reassembly issues down the line. Make sure that every part you store is labeled and packed up with similar parts. For example, pack bolts and screws separately, or pack the legs of your sofa in one bag together. Fortunately, many pieces you might need to disassemble, like sectional sofas, come with built-in pockets for storing parts like legs, bolts, and screws. The same goes for desks – built in storage for smaller items!

If You Want to Use Fewer Boxes…

Gathering boxes for storage purposes can be a pain. So if you have larger items – even large cooking pots or tables with drawers in them – it could save you a box or two to simply store some smaller items inside. Of course, you’ll want to keep similar items together, just like you would when you’re disassembling furniture. Now when you go to unpack your kitchen, you’ll have all the tools you need in one place.

If You’re Storing Antiques or Collectibles…

This is an instance where you definitely don’t want to store small items in larger ones. Antiques often have special storage instructions, especially if you want to preserve them for future generations or for sale. In order to avoid damage, you’ll want to store these items with extreme care. If you’re unsure how to store your antiques properly, it’s worth having a conversation with your self storage company. In addition, collectible items likely hold a lot of value for you. If you store small collectibles inside larger items, there’s a chance they could be damaged. On the off chance that you do decide to store small collectibles in larger items, make sure you pack them properly. Bubble wrap, small boxes, and packing peanuts will be your friends here.

If you’re in the Jackson, Tennessee area and you need tips on how to make the most of great self storage prices, make sure you contact us at Markham Self Storage today. We’ll help answer all of your self storage questions.

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