Self-Storage FAQ: Are My Belongings Secure?

Everyone wants to keep their belongings safe. This is why we lock our doors and windows at night and take extra precaution to not bring attention to the valuables inside our home.

But when you choose to rent a unit at a self-storage facility, how do you know that the facility will take the same personal care of your property? There are many factors to consider when deciding if a storage facility is a safe enough place for you to entrust your belongings.


Here are some facts and questions to help you decide if a storage facility is the right one for you.

Q:     Does the storage facility have a digital surveillance system?

A:     Be sure to ask this question at any storage facility that you are considering. A digital surveillance system records all activity throughout the entire day and night. Because it is digital, it provides better quality information storage if something should go wrong and helps to ensure that there is no lapse in coverage.

Q:     Is there sufficient lighting in all areas of the storage facility?

A:     You want to ensure that your storage facility is well-lit and that there are no dark areas. Lighting is a great deterrent to those who wish to trespass or have ulterior motives.

Q:     Is there a password or code to enter the gates of the storage facility?

A:     Look for storage facilities that have panels that require unique codes for entrance. This allows the facility to know who entered and exited at specific times. This will help deter thieves as well as make it easier to know who is on the property at any given time.

Q:     Is the storage facility properly taken care of and in good condition?

A:     This is important because thieves look for vulnerable areas of properties such as a malfunctioning entrance pad or a downed fence. Properties that are not taken care of are at a greater risk for thefts.

Q:     Does the storage facility having caring, knowledgeable staff that know how to handle instances?

A:     The staff of any storage facility should be trained to reduce the chance of thefts. This includes making sure that all occupied units are appropriately locked. If units are not locked, the staff should call the owner of the unit to ask why.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Belongings Safe

You can store your belongings in the safest storage facility possible, but if you do not take a few safety precautions, you open yourself up to thieves.

Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure the safety of your belongings:

  • Keep an inventory of what you have in storage – and keep it up to date. Not only will this help you know if something is missing, it will help you keep track of where you’ve stored your belongings such (i.e. storage facility versus the basement). If something happens at your storage facility, you will have a list of what should be in your unit in order to better tell what is missing.
  • Make sure that you purchase the best lock available. Most thieves look for locks that are easy to cut off or that are easily disarmed. A good lock will deter thieves, protect your belongings, and give you an added peace of mind that your belongings are safe.
  • You can choose to get an interior storage unit (such as a climate controlled unit) since they have an extra door that a thief must get through in order to access your unit. These units are a deterrent to thieves as they must have a key or passcode to get through the first door.
  • Do not share your passcode or give your key to anyone. If you need help at the storage facility, invite someone to help you, but keep them from seeing the passcode and do not allow them to handle your keys. While you can trust most people, you do not know if they or an associate may have something else in mind when it comes to your belongings.
  • Even if it is not required, purchase insurance on the items you have in storage. While you never want anything to happen to your belongings, insurance will be there just in case it does. Some homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies will cover a storage unit – just call and find out. Insurance on your storage unit is very inexpensive, but it will give you peace of mind in case something does happen.

For all of your storage needs, consider Markham Self Storage in Jackson, TN. We offer the security features you need at affordable prices. Contact our knowledgeable staff today for a tour or with any questions.

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