Self-Storage FAQ: Am I The Only Person With Access to My Storage Unit?

When looking for an affordable storage solution, many people turn to self-storage units. With the variety of sizes and styles available, there is a storage option available for everyone. 

Security is a huge issue. Here are some answers to FAQs about self-storage security.

Who Has Access to My Unit?

The storage unit you rent is secured with your lock and key. Only you can decide who has access to your unit and who doesn’t. It’s the policy of a self-storage facility to never give anyone who isn’t on your rental agreement access to your unit. However, you are free to divulge your unit number, key, and gate-code access to anyone as long as you’re comfortable with them accessing your unit. 

Does Management Have Access To My Unit?

You are responsible for the key to your unit. Management will not access your unit for any reason at any time.

Should I Give Someone Else Access to My Storage Unit?

Self-storage can be extremely helpful, and you’ll pay a lot less for it per square foot than for the same square footage in an apartment or house. But is sharing your storage unit with someone else a good idea? 

Many self-storage facilities usually allow only one person’s name as a tenant on a contract. The reason for this is simple. It makes the most sense for a facility to deal with only one tenant per unit. If the rent is late, they know who is responsible for paying it. If it is so late that the process of bringing it to auction begins, they know whom to contact. That process is complicated enough without adding more people to the contract.

Renting a unit with your boyfriend or girlfriend may seem like a good plan. You might also consider renting a unit with your best friend or college roommate. However, these arrangements may not be a great idea. Friends can part on bad terms or move away and leave another party without getting their belongings.

Only share a self-storage unit when you have a solid, positive, trusting, and long-standing relationship with someone. This is most likely the case for families. Most families move together and make financial decisions together.

Basically, it comes down to trust and to the character of the other person. Is this someone you know well enough that you can trust them with your belongings? Or, is it someone who, for all you know, will run off with something valuable you put in storage? 

We can’t tell you not to share your key with anyone. All we can tell you is to use your best judgment. Avoid getting into a tricky and potentially hazardous situations by thinking long and hard before you hand over your key and access information to someone else.If you are looking for safe storage with a variety of safety features in the Jackson, Tennessee area, contact the storage professionals at Markham Self Storage. We offer a second month free special. Be sure to take a look at our customer reviews.

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