Reduce Size, Increase Savings

You may not know it, but it often doesn’t take much to downsize from one storage unit to another. Doing this reduce the size unit that you need, thus saving you money every month that will build up over the years. If you are renting a storage unit at Markham Self Storage, you are already getting an affordable rental rate – but you can still save more by downsizing.

First Steps

Everyone has to start somewhere, so here are a few steps to start out right:

  • Take an inventory of what is in your storage unit. You may be surprised at how cluttered your unit has become. You may not remember even a fourth of what is in there, so spending some time in the unit will help you realize that some reorganization is long overdue. Taking an inventory will help you decide what you want to let go of. And don’t worry if you miss a few things!
  • Decide what your plans are for the future. Will you continue with the same hobbies or can you donate that twenty-five pound bowling ball? Can you sell the old books that you will never read again? Make piles for things that you want to throw away, sell, or donate.
  • Do not be afraid to throw things away. Yes, you originally put your belongings in storage with the intention to keep them, but time changes everything. Things expire, or become unsafe, or are recalled (think of baby items). Keep all of these things in mind when you are going through your storage unit.
  • Plan carefully for what you will keep. Unless it is an heirloom, do not keep anything you will never have a need for again. This is a storage unit, not a burial site.

Putting it All Together

Here are some steps for moving forward after you’ve taken some first steps:

  • Use similar sized boxes – If you need moving supplies, we are a knowledgeable self-storage facility and are here to help.
  • Label every box – Before any box is placed in the unit, make sure that it is labeled and that like boxes are placed together. For example, holiday boxes should go together and certain rooms should go together. Remember to mark if anything is breakable or fragile.
  • Put your vertical space to use – Stack boxes high or hang things from the ceiling, but just do it safely and remember to always stack from heavy to light.
  • Stack within other items – If you have items that do not come apart, such as a dresser or nightstand, fill the drawers with other items. Washers and dryers can also have items put inside of them.
  • Take your furniture apart – Deconstructing your furniture saves a lot of room, but be sure to put the screws and other attachments in baggies and tape them to the furniture so they do not get lost.
  • Save space with shelving – Placing boxes on shelving units keeps your space organized and makes it easy to walk around.
  • Use heavy items as a base – Always place the heavy boxes on the bottom of each stack. The heavier the box, the lower on the stack it should be.
  • Placement is important – If you use an item more frequently than others, you should place it closer to the front of your storage unit. This will save you the hassle of hunting and moving things around. It will also help you keep your unit organized.
  • Keep an aisle in the center – If there is room in your unit, a center aisle will help you maneuver around the unit easier.
  • Make a list – Keep a list of everything in your storage unit. Not only will you know what you have, but a list is also good for insurance purposes in case anything ever happens. Also, make a rough map of where everything is located so you can get to the box you need without having to look at every box each time you go to your storage unit.

At Markham Self Storage, our helpful staff is here to help you with a variety of storage organization ideas. Regardless of what size storage unit you may need, we can provide you with the right size depending on your needs. If you have additional questions, contact us at (731) 664-0068 or stop by our facility in Jackson, TN.

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