Off-Season Boat and RV Storage Solutions

During the off-season, you may find that you have nowhere to store your boat or RV. Many communities will not allow you to store them at your home. Even if you can store them at your home, these items take up a lot of space and detract from the beauty of your home by adding clutter. If you manage to fit a boat into your garage, you are often unable to use it for your vehicles and other needs.

There is a solution to this problem – storing your boat or RV at a local storage facility such as Markham Self Storage in Jackson, Tennessee. Not only can you find outdoor storage, but you can find traditional indoor storage options as well.

Storage Options

When storing your boat or RV traditionally inside a unit at a storage facility, the biggest worry is about whether it will fit. If your boat or small RV does fit, it will be protected from outdoor elements, wear, tearing, and fading.

To protect your boat or RV even more, you may want to consider a climate controlled storage unit that comes in many different sizes. This will also help protect any electronic components that may be aboard the craft.

If your machine is too large for storage inside the facility, do not think that you cannot store your craft there. Most storage facilities have large outdoor areas where you can store your RV or your boat on a trailer. While some storage facilities have a roof to cover your machine, some simply offer an uncovered, open area. This is a great option since there are no restrictions as to how wide, long, or tall your boat or RV should be. It will fit perfectly at most outdoor storage spaces.

Prepare For Storage

Before you store your RV or boat, you’ll want to make sure that it is ready for storage by going through a winterization and maintenance routine. This will ensure that your RV or boat is ready to use when you need it.

1.    The Basics – You don’t have to do anything major to get your RV or boat ready if it is already in good working order. Doing things like changing the oil, filling the gas tank, and removing batteries for storage are the main things to think about.

2.    Fix Repairs – If your RV or boat does require repairs, now is the time to get them done. If you store them while damaged, the damaged areas may get worse over the storage period. This will help you reduce further damage and repair costs.

3.    Cover – Regardless of whether you are storing them inside or outside, it is good to cover boats. Make sure the cover fits properly so that air can circulate and mildew is prevented.

4.    Clean – You want to make sure that you remove any water or debris from your RV or boat before you store it. This will help protect it from mildew, mold, smells, and other damages.

5.    Flush the System – On an RV, this means taking care of the bathroom and all water reservoirs. On a boat, this looks like draining water from the engine. Make sure you follow your owner’s manuals to ensure that you are properly handling these issues.

6.    Engines – It is often wise to disconnect any fuel lines before storing. This especially holds true for boats.

If you need storage for your boat or RV, call the professionals at Markham Self Storage to talk about options. We offer top-notch security features and affordable rates. You can rest easy knowing that your boat or RV is safe and protected when it’s stored at Markham Self Storage.

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