No Wine Cellar? No Problem!

If you love wine and enjoy having a large selection of varietals on hand, odds are that you may run into some storage issues. We understand that you want to bring home a few bottles from every vinyard you visit, but storing and managing that collection takes time and space.

With Markham Mini Storage, you don’t have to have an in-home wine cellar to be a collector and avid wine enthusiast. Our climate controlled storage rentals are the perfect solution! Keep reading to learn more about how our cheap storage units provide everything you need to store, preserve, and protect your wine without losing the easy access of an in-home cellar.

Proper Wine Storage

Wine is best stored in the dark – one of the reasons a Markham storage rental is the perfect substitute for a wine cellar. Our units are dark and cool, the ideal atmosphere for red, white, and blush wines. Wine is best stored on its side, so by adding a few wine racks to your storage rental, you’ll have the perfect long term storage setup.

Why Our Climate Controlled Units are the Perfect Solution

All varieties of wine are best stored below 75˚F; any higher than this and the wine will begin to oxidize, ruining the flavor. Our climate controlled storage rental units can accommodate the ideal temperatures for wine storage. For optimal preservation, wine should be moved as little as possible and be in an area free from food pollutants and high-odor produce. Markham Mini Storage can provide the controlled atmosphere you need, keeping your wine undisturbed and at the ready.

Protect Your Collection

Our facility is a safe place to store your collection as our perimeter is enclosed by a security fence and a locked gate. Your unit and the rest of our storage facility is monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras, ensuring that the comings and goings of your off-site wine cellar are monitored and recorded.

Easy Access

If you find yourself throwing a last minute dinner party and need to grab the perfect wine to pair with your courses, don’t worry! You can easily access your storage rental 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are conveniently located in the heart of the Jackson, TN area so your wine will be just moments away as needed.

How to Set Up Your Wine Cellar

Start by purchasing or gathering some simple wine racks and signing the contract for your quality, cheap storage unit. Set up your racks in the organizational style that works best for your collection and bring your wine in for storage. If you don’t have a vehicle appropriate for moving the racks and bottles, our U-haul rental services can help you get moved in and set up.

Let’s Establish Your Off-site Wine Cellar!

Markham Mini Storage is one of the top rated storage companies in the Jackson, TN area. Our team can provide everything you need to set up, store, and protect even your most valuable bottles of wine. Give us a call today to learn more about our rates and to discuss what size storage rental would be right for you.

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