Moving to West TN? Consider Private Storage

If you’re considering a move to West Tennessee, the last thing you want to worry about is where to put your extra belongings, especially if you’re moving into a smaller space. This is where private storage rentals can come in handy.

By moving the things that you do not immediately need into an affordable storage unit, you will have the physical and mental space to go through your belongings to decide where everything goes, and to determine what you want in your new home and what no longer fits. Seasonal items can have a new home in your storage space as well.

Choosing the right storage company is key. Here are a few things you should consider when it comes time to make the choice.

Access and Location

Convenient access is essential. If you’re considering a storage facility that only allows you access during working hours, then you may want to pick a more convenient company. Make sure that you’ve done your homework about the facility and that they are willing to work with your time schedule.

In addition, make sure that the location of the facility is convenient with respect to your new home. If you are renting from a self-storage facility because of the price but they are not conveniently located, the end result may not be worth the savings. Consider how many trips you’re likely to make to the facility for needed items or seasonal boxes. A convenient location may be worth paying a little more since a remote facility may end up being a waste of time and money.

Safety and Appearances

Just because a storage facility is affordable doesn’t mean it’s safe. Storing your belongings in a secure environment where you also feel safe when visiting is a top priority. Make sure to look for some of the following features at a private storage facility:

·         The facility should be fenced in with locked electronic gates to ensure limited access.

·         There should be security monitoring, preferably in all areas of the facility.

·         The facility should be lit up properly so that it feels safe if you visit at night.

In addition to safety, you want your storage facility to look well maintained. If the owner of the storage space takes care of their property, the odds are good that your belongings will benefit from the same high standards of care.

Storage Unit Sizes

After you’ve looked at the grounds and security options, make sure that the facility has a storage unit to suit your needs. A good facility will offer you an array of choice to ensure that you only end up renting the space you need. Units generally come in different sizes at different price points.

There are even climate controlled units for when you have belongings that are sensitive to temperature change. After you store your sensitive belongings, you don’t want to worry about them.Do not take storage choices lightly. In the Jackson, Tennessee area, contact the trusted professionals at Markham Self Storage for a personal tour today to see a self-storage unit in person. A quick conversation with our storage experts can help make your decision much easier.

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