Moving and Storage: Should You Transport or Drive Your Vehicle to Your New Home?

Pros and cons of given options

When you move or decide to put your car in a self-storage facility, your car can either be a hindrance or a huge help in the process. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to safely transport your car to its new home. Make sure your car makes the trip in one piece by following these handy tips when switching from one home to the next.

Driving Your Car

Driving your car to your new home has its benefits. You can pack extra boxes, including more fragile items and anything that you’ll need for the day of the move. If you are on the way to a storage unit, you can pack the things in your car that you want stored last. If you’re already driving a moving truck, though, driving your car separately likely won’t be possible without a helper, not to mention that it adds a few digits to your odometer and increases your risk of damage. Be sure to bear these things in mind.

Hauling Your Car

Do not discount the DIY route, however, even if you’ll be busy driving a rental van. Most companies that rent big trucks for hauling also have auto trailers you can use to tow your car along safely, and you still get the benefit of using your car for extra packing space. Unfortunately, rental rates and the hassle of navigating small streets while towing a car behind a van may not be worth the effort. In these cases, shipping your car is a surprisingly affordable and extremely hands-off experience.

If you are hauling your car to a storage company, you’ll want to make sure there is room to move the U-Haul and trailer with vehicle at the facility. Most storage spaces will have an area where you can unload your vehicle.

Shipping Your Car Professionally

A cross country move ranges in price, depending on the company you choose and the size of your vehicle. When planning to have your car shipped, it’s helpful to know what questions to ask before signing along the dotted line, as well as some great family games to play while you are driving across the country. Looking these things up in advance will save you time when your trip rolls around.

If possible, always plan in advance to give yourself time to find the best deal with the best options for you. After all, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to a high ticket item like your car. Remember that at the end of the day, you have to make the best choice for you – and that means keeping your budget and time constraints in mind.If you are looking for a self-storage space for your valued vehicle, Markham Self Storage in Jackson, Tennessee has just what you’re looking for. We offer affordable storage units with the security features to give you peace of mind. We also rent U-Hauls and have monthly rental specials. Take a look at our feedback and see what our customers have to say about our facility.

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