How Markham Helps Keep Stuff Safe in Storage

Storage rentals are the perfect remedy for your storage needs. However, storage companies are often a target for break-ins. That’s why it’s essential to keep stuff safe in storage and why it’s important to choose a storage company that has certain safeguards in place. Find out how Markham Mini Storage keeps your stuff safe.

Our Safety Features

Markham Mini Storage has a security fence around the perimeter of the storage facility. The electronic gate at the entrance of the facility allows each customer to have a unique pin code that gives them access to the interior of the establishment. That means that only people with gate access can get into the mini storage, and if any vandalism or theft were to occur, we would be able to pinpoint who has been in the facility and when thanks to the unique pin number held by each customer.

In addition to a security fence and an electronic gate, Markham has 24/7 security monitoring. Our on-site security will help to ensure that your valuables are well protected. Additionally, our state-of-the-art security systems ensure that everything that goes on at Markham is caught on film. Here at Markham, you can rest assured that your valuables are protected.

In addition to security features, we also offer climate controlled units. For a small increase from our regular storage unit prices, you can upgrade to a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled unit will keep your belongings at a relatively stable temperature. This will help to protect them from cracking, warping, molding, and other damage that occurs as a result of shifting temperatures.

Besides these on-site safeguards, Markham has web-based storage. This online portal gives customers the ability to manage their accounts online, pay for their rental storage, and make reservations online. Our paperless system helps to keep all of your personal information safe through a secure online portal.

What You Can Do

While Markham Self Storage’s safety features do go a long way in ensuring the protection of your valuables, there are some practical things you can do that will help keep your stuff safe in storage.

1)      Swing by after inclement weather. Unless the storage facility has multiple stories, it is prone to flooding. After torrential rains, stop by and make sure that your unit hasn’t flooded. You can also help guard your possessions by elevating them on wooden pallets and covering them with a plastic covering. You could also pay a little extra each month and opt for a climate controlled unit. This means that your unit will be indoors, which will substantially reduce the likelihood of flooding.

2)      Keep track of your belongings. Although it may seem a little tedious, keep track of what you’re storing in your unit. Either a list or photographs should do it. While Markham does have security, accidents do happen. Should an item go missing or become damaged and you want to file an insurance claim, photos will be helpful.

3)      Know if you’re insured. Homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies typically provide some coverage for your possessions, even if they’re in storage. Check with your agent to verify the amount of coverage for particular types of items.

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