Keep the Holidays Stress-Free with a Self-Storage Unit

Turn on the television, and you’ll likely see scenes of lavish Thanksgiving feasts and perfectly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree flashing across the screen to the sound of jingling bells. The holidays are just around the corner, and while Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time of joy and cheer for many, for others, it’s not so merry. Dinner with the in-laws, figuring out what to buy everyone, financial pressures, and much more – it’s easy to see why the holidays can be stressful.

At Markham Self Storage, we can help you keep the holidays stress-free with a self-storage unit. While we can’t cross off your Christmas shopping list, we can help minimize stress by offering an affordable storage solution, and that beats a re-gifted bath set any day.

“How can a storage rental help keep the holidays stress free?” Oh, so glad you asked! Here’s how.

A rental storage can help you keep clutter to a minimum.

Dozens of studies have shown that a link exists between clutter and stress; those living in cluttered homes have higher levels of stress.

If ever there is a time of year when our houses are full of clutter, the holidays are it. We try to hide all the sweet deals we snagged on Black Friday under the bed. Cardboard boxes filled with Christmas decorations litter our garages. And let me not start on out-of-town guests. When those visitors call saying they’ll be arriving at your house in a few hours and will be crashing at your home for the next week, you’re forced to transform your office into a spare bedroom, and everything in the office gets stuffed wherever it fits (don’t open the bathroom closet!).

Instead of playing Tetris with your belongings and trying to stick them wherever they best fit, rent storage space. And since you don’t have to sign a contract, you can rent the unit for a month or two and then throw up the deuces when the holidays are over. We won’t take it personal. We promise.

Use storage space as a secret bunker.

Santa’s elves have a workshop in the North Pole, and you have a self-storage rental at Markham Self Storage. Let’s keep it real: trying to keep gifts hidden from a gang of snooping squirts is like trying to keep an army of ants from a bowl of sugar – it isn’t going to happen.

Instead of always having to relocate your secret stash, just set up shop in a climate-controlled unit at Markham. Bring your wrapping paper, tape, bows, and all the fixings. Then, each time you pick up a present for your little ones, make a pit stop at your storage unit rental and drop it off. We are conveniently located in Jackson, Tennessee and only five minutes away from Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart, so you won’t even have to go out of your way.

Keep your holiday decorations in self-storage until next year.

Just because the ball dropped and it’s officially a new year doesn’t mean that all the holiday madness is done and over with. Next, comes the gruesome task of taking down Christmas lights, dismantling decorations, and sweeping up pine needles that seem to appear from out of nowhere.

Cheap self-storage might be just the thing you need to make unwinding after the holidays a little less stressful. You can use the unit to house all of your holiday decorations. Gifts that you plan on re-gifting next year will also be safe and out of the way in a storage unit. Just be sure that you note who gave you the gift so that you don’t return it to them next Christmas!

The holidays are joyous and cheerful in so many ways, but the chaos of it all can get to us and leave us feeling stressed and robbed of our joy. At Markham Self Storage, we hope that we can help you navigate this holiday season, so come on by, and reserve your unit today.

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