Jackson, TN: Comparing Options for Storage

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Now that you know what storage solutions are available to you, it’s time to compare the options to determine the best solution. There is no one size fits all option. While one option will be the right fit for one person, it might not be the right match for the next. This is why it’s important to take a good look at storage solutions and survey the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Let’s dive in.

Storage Options

·         Self-Storage Facility – There are many advantages to having a self-storage unit. You can choose between drive up units, climate controlled units, or outdoor units to accommodate regular vehicles and/or recreational vehicles. These facilities are usually well maintained and managed and offer a comprehensive range of services such as security monitoring, fenced in properties, electric gates, 24 hour access, and trained staff. Since you pack your own belongings, you’ll also know where everything is located. At most facilities, you can access your belongings with no access fees as many times as you wish each month. You can take things from your storage space or add to it without any penalty at any time.

o   Disadvantages may include higher rates than some other options and having to pack and transport your belongings yourself.

  • Private Storage – There are plenty of advantages to private storage. With this option, professional movers usually pack up your belongings so that you don’t have to worry about the move. These units are also climate controlled most of the time so your belongings are protected from any significant shifts in the weather.
  • Disadvantages are the opposite side of the same coin. Since professional movers box your belongings, you have no idea where anything is if you need to access it. The same applies if you need to access the storage container. If you want to get anything from your belongings, there is no unlimited access and you’ll need to schedule an appointment, which is often accompanied by an access fee.

Other Storage Options

·         Mobile Storage – A prime advantage of mobile storage is the storage container delivered directly to your home. You can load the shipping container up at your own speed and not worry about transporting your belongings yourself. The cost of renting a mobile storage unit is comparable to an affordable storage unit at a storage facility.

o   Disadvantages of a mobile unit include the fact that some HOAs do not allow mobile storage units to remain in front of homes for more than 72 hours. In addition, you must pack the unit carefully since items can be easily broken in transit. Additionally, there is a cost each time the container is brought back to you. If you are moving, the company may not ship to your new location. Finally, because the metal shipping container conducts heat and moisture, you’ll need to make sure that anything you store inside it can withstand those elements.

·         Rent Space at Someone’s Home – The benefits of renting at someone’s home include proximity (if their home is close to you) and financial savings. If the space is in an extra bedroom, finished basement, or finished attic, it will likely be climate controlled and your belongings will be safe from exposure to extreme temperatures.

o   Disadvantages include not having unlimited access to your belongings, the fact that some areas may not be climate controlled, and never being completely sure whether your belongings are secure or not.If you’re looking into storage companies in the Jackson, Tennessee area and want to avoid any and all of the disadvantages listed above, contact the professionals at Markham Self Storage today. We’re happy to help with all of your self storage needs.

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