How to Pick the Right Storage Unit for Your Needs

You know that you need an affordable self-storage unit, but you are unsure of what size you need. You could do the old “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” option – or you could get informed on what the options are for your needs.

Since it is not reasonable to try different storage unit sizes out for a spin, the next best thing is to determine what your needs are. Some people only need to store holiday decorations, while others need to store the entire contents of a two bedroom home. No two people have the same needs, which is why there are options to choose from.

Determine Your Needs

Getting a storage unit that fits your needs can be a snap if you follow some simple tips to help smooth things out along the way.

  • List – It is best to have an inventory of everything that you want to fit into a storage unit such as appliances, furniture, and any special or oddly shaped things. This list will also help you keep track of what you’ve stored at your local storage facility.
  • Count – Make a rough estimate of how many storage boxes you plan to store in the storage unit. Using similar sized boxes that are easy to stack or place on shelves will help you when planning your storage unit needs.
  • Packing – Make sure that you know how to pack a storage unit when you are planning what size you need. If you simply throw items into the unit or do not stack the boxes properly, you may be using the space improperly. Take care to store similar items together and take furniture apart for extra room. Remember to stack heavier boxes on the bottom and build up. If you are unsure that you can pack your storage unit in an orderly fashion, you may want to get a larger self-storage unit to make sure you have enough room.
  • Visit – Take a tour of self-storage units such as Markham Self Storage in Jackson, Tennessee. Seeing the units for yourself will give you a better sense of how much space you have to work with.
  • Measure – If you need to see how things are going to work, you can measure and tape off the size of your new storage unit in your home or yard. This enables you to place packed items inside the marked space to help you get a better feeling for how much space you have.
  • Guidelines – Looking at the storage room size guidelines below will help you determine the best size storage unit for you. Most ceilings are pretty high, so don’t forget that you not only have floor space but vertical space too.

Storage Unit Sizes

Here are some rough guidelines to storage unit sizes and what things you can store within them.

  • 4’x5’ unit – This 20 square foot unit is equal in size to a spare walk-in closet. This size unit will hold many boxes, seasonal items, a dresser, sporting equipment, out of season clothing, and other items.
  • 6’x10’ unit – This 60 square foot unit is like having a super large walk-in closet or a small bedroom. It will hold items from a dorm room, an efficiency apartment, or odd items such as a bedroom set and storage boxes.
  • 10’x12’ unit – This 120 square foot unit is about half the size of a one-car garage or the size of a standard bedroom. It will hold all the belongings from a one bedroom apartment or two bedroom suites with extra boxes and room for some odd items.
  • 10’x15’ unit or 12’x15’ unit – These units have 150 and 180 square foot of space respectively. This is about the size of a regular one car garage and will fit a two bedroom home and its contents, even leaving room for appliances.
  • 12’x20’ unit or 10’x24’ unit – Both of these units offer 240 square feet and are around the size of a garage.They will fit a three bedroom home, appliances, workout equipment, lawn equipment, and more.
  • 12’x30’ unit – This unit offers 360 square feet of storage space. This is equal in size to a double garage and will hold the contents of a four bedroom home (or larger) with room to spare.

The experts at Markham Self Storage can help you determine what size unit will be best for you. If you need a storage unit, contact us with any questions. We also have all the moving supplies you need and can rent U-Hauls to help you with your move.

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