How to Pack to Optimize Space

When it comes time to load your belongings into a self-storage unit, it’s essential to make sure that you pack your belongings in the best possible manner for optimizing space. You want to be able to fit as much as you can into a tight space and still be able to access it easily. For help with this task, take a look at the following simple storage solutions.

How to Pack – Starting at Home

The path to optimizing space at your storage unit begins at your home when you pack your first items. Be sure to keep these things in mind:

  • When possible, always pack belongings in like size, uniform boxes. Try not to make boxes too heavy.
  • While wardrobe boxes are ideal for storing clothing, you can also store clothes in vacuum sealed pouches. This goes for any cloth material such as blankets, towels, coats, etc.
  • Do not use garbage bags for storage. They rip easily and do not protect your things from damage.
  • Pack things within other things. For instance, you can store smaller bags and totes within suitcases for easy storage. You can also use suitcases to store clothing and shoes. Do not store empty containers.
  • All furniture should be disassembled and parts should be attached to each other so that you do not lose pieces. Screws for frames can be taped to the underside of the furniture. To further protect the furniture, you can wrap any corners or pieces that may be damaged.
  • All boxes should be clearly marked according to their contents, the ideal location for the item/s in the home, and whether the  contents are breakable.

How to Pack – at the Self-Storage Facility

Arriving at the storage space is only the first part of the storage process. You want to make sure that your affordable storage unit is set up so that you can access your belongings when you need them. Consider the following steps:

  • Install shelving for boxes and smaller items.
  • Line the walls with your boxes so that you can moves freely around the aisles of your storage space.
  • Pack your large items vertically (i.e. furniture) so that you can optimize space in your self-storage unit.
  • If you stack boxes, stack the heavier boxes on the bottom for stability.
  • If you have gaps( such as drawers in cabinets), you can fill them with books or other small items. Use available space creatively.

Do not forget to make an inventory list of what is in your storage unit and a map detailing where everything is located. These simply solutions will help when you need to find something at the storage unit in a hurry. Keep a copy of the list at home, as well as a copy taped to the inside wall of the storage unit.If you are looking for an affordable self-storage company in the Jackson, Tennessee area, Markham Self Storage has many features for maximizing your storage potential and staying within budget. We even offer specials such as a second month free. Call today for a tour.

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