How to Help Kids with Decluttering

Your Child may Need Help with Room Cleaning

When you rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you’re usually doing so because you need more space. For most adults, it’s easy to tell when to declutter. But if you’re trying to help your kids, here are a few great tips.

Ask Two Vital Questions

When you’re teaching your kids how to declutter, there are two very important questions you need to teach them.

  • Do you use or play with this item?
  • Do you love this item?

These are the same questions adults ask when clearing out their closet or gathering items to donate to a local charitable organization. If you help your child learn to ask these questions at a young age, you’re setting them up to live a more organized, less materialistic life. They just might use these tips when they’re considering making a purchase later on in life, too. Teaching these questions can not only help them clean up the items they currently own, but it can also help them prevent clutter in the first place. So if you’re wondering where to start, start with these questions. You’ll thank yourself later.

Remind Kids that Everything has a Place

One of the biggest obstacles to an organized kids’ room is a lack of storage. Your home isn’t a self storage company, nor should it function as one for all of the items that your children don’t use that often. Even if they DO use these items on a regular basis, not having a place to put them means less space to actually play. So what do you do when there’s not enough room for everything? You ask the two questions we mentioned earlier. And if your child truly does love every item, it’s your job to remind them that everything needs to have a place. If it doesn’t have a place, then it doesn’t belong in the house.

Involve the Kids in Donation Plans

If you make a habit of decluttering and donating, that’s awesome. Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids that there’s more to decluttering than throwing away the things they love. In fact, it’s not about that at all. Kids are naturally empathetic and understand that receiving gifts or playing with their toys makes them happy. It can take an extra little nudge to help them understand that they can help other kids feel those things, too. If you’re struggling to get your kids on board with decluttering and donating, take a minute to explain to them who their donations are helping. Maybe there’s a child out there who has never had a big stuffed animal before and would love to hug one. By letting go of some of their possessions, they can help other kids feel just as happy as they did when they opened up their present or brought that toy home.

Helping your kids learn how to declutter can set them up for a more minimalist, organized life in the future. If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN, or you want to know more about how storage can help with decluttering, our team at Markham Self-Storage is here to help.

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