How Self-Storage Helps Growing Families

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Your home has a certain amount of square footage. When you welcome new family members into your home, these measurements don’t grow with your family. With each new family member, the amount of belongings in your home increases. Babies need cribs, lots of clothing in an array of sizes, and every bouncer known to mankind. Toddlers accumulate clothing as well, not to mention a toy selection that can make visitors think you’ve raided a toy store. And we’re not even talking about all of your personal belongings yet!

Self-Storage to the Rescue

There are many ways that a self-storage facility can help take the strain off your home.

  • If the older children have toys they no longer play with but that can be saved for younger children (or grandchildren!), storing them in a storage unit would free up usable space in your home.
  • When your children are in between clothing sizes but you do not want to get rid of the clothes in case you need them again, an affordable storage unit is a valuable option.
  • If you’ve outgrown your home and need to move into a new home, you can store your belongings in a self-storage unit during your move or while a home is being constructed. It is very common to store your belongings with a self-storage company before moving into your new home as your old home may sell before your new home is ready.
  • Another common reason to use a storage company is as an extension of your home storage. You can use it to rotate different sizes of clothing and toys as needed. This also applies to seasonal items and seasonal clothing. Don’t forget that your children will likely end up using plenty of sporting equipment that will need to be stored.
  • Self-storage is a great place to store cribs, strollers, and beds when they are not in use.

Other Reasons to Use Self-Storage

There may be some other reasons to use self-storage.

  • Breakables – With little people around the house, you may not want to have grandma’s fine china on public display anymore. You may want to pack up the heirlooms and delicate items and put them away in a secure location until a time when your children are more responsible.
  • Limited Space – Packing up the garage, cleaning out the closet, and moving less-than-kid-friendly items into storage is always a good idea. This prevents you from having to get rid of things that you still want. If you pack it up now, you will still have it later.

Things to Consider

These are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about what to keep and what to put in self-storage when your family is growing.

  • Does this item need to be removed for the safety of the baby? Items such as tables with sharp corners, shelves that can topple over, and other items that present a safety hazard should be moved to storage.
  • Where will the baby sleep? What items will you need to move to make room for the baby? These items need to be moved into storage.
  • What items are unnecessary in the home and take up space that can be used for items more conducive to family life? If you have an old beer keg in the dining room, it probably needs to go.As your family grows, keep an eye out for your local self-storage options. In the Jackson, Tennessee area, Markham Self Storage can help you with all of your storage solution needs. Contact us today with any questions.
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