How Long Should I Rent a Self-Storage Unit?

When you first decide to look for storage solutions, you may not know how long you will need a storage space. Most self-storage companies work on a month-to-month basis. This allows you more flexibility regarding how long you keep your belongings in storage.

Since there are many scenarios for why you would need to have your belongings in storage, the length of time will always vary. Let’s explore some reasons why you might consider short or long term storage.

Short Term Storage

There are many scenarios where you would only need to put your belongings in a self-storage unit for a short period of time, which generally means less than six months.

  • College students may store their belongings in a small storage unit between semesters. By renting a storage space near their campus before returning home for break, they don’t have to go to the work of transporting their belongings back and forth.
  • People who travel abroad for a short time may put their belongings in an affordable storage unit to avoid paying rent while traveling. This will free up additional funds for their trip and keep their belongings secure while they are away.
  • People who are in transition for career or other reasons may choose to put the majority of their belongings in self-storage until they are settled down.
  • Business owners who are moving to new locations often  find self-storage facilities convenient for storing new stock until the new location is set up.

With most self storage units, your belongings remain accessible throughout the duration of the rental. You’ll be able to access your items at any point, even during a short period.

Long Term Storage

While several people find reasons to use a storage company on a short term basis, many more end up using them on a long term basis.

  • Classic car owners want a secure location to safely leave their car and get it out for a Sunday drive.
  • Some people have packed up their entire home and stored their belongings safely to travel abroad for a longer period of time.
  • When our military heroes are deployed, they need a place to store their belongings for as long as their deployment lasts.
  • Some use a self-storage unit as an extension of their closet and for easy access to seasonal items throughout the year.
  • For downsized homes, self-storage is an easy way to store items such as lawn equipment, exercise equipment, and the household extras for when you need them.
  • Self-storage is a great place to safely keep heirlooms that do fit in at your home. You can even keep them in a climate controlled unit to protect them from extreme heat, cold, and humidity.
  • A storage unit is also a great solution for storing all of your extra paperwork from home and business.For anything that you can think of that needs to be stored, the professionals at Markham Self Storage in Jackson, Tennessee are here to help. We even rent U-Hauls. Contact us today.
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