Estate Planning Made Easy With Storage Units

Estate planning isn’t something many people enjoy thinking about; we prefer to think of ourselves in the land of the living. However, a well organized will and estate is one of the greatest gifts you can give your friends and family after you’ve left them. Having your affairs in order legally can mean the difference between simple execution of your will or months in probate court, and let’s face it, not every item you hold dear deserves a spot in your will.

As we grow older, we often downsize our homes and living spaces, meaning we have less storage available for the items we’ve collected throughout our lives. One of the simplest ways to organize your affairs is by labelling and organizing your belongings with clear instructions of who should receive them when you pass.

An organized storage rental with Markham Self Storage can make managing your estate simple and easy. Read on to learn more about how you can simplify your West Tennessee estate planning with our quality rental storage.

Sort and Purge Now

Over the course of a long and happy life, we gather countless mementos and keepsakes, many of which could bless our children and relatives after we pass. However, not everything we own is worth passing down, so as you begin to downsize and plan your estate, try to pare down your belongings to an amount that’s more manageable for those who will execute your will. You want to leave your loved ones with treasures and memories, not work and countless trips to the thrift store.

Organize by Recipient

When it comes to the items you choose to keep, consider labelling and organizing them by recipient, setting up your storage unit rental in an easily understandable manner. Set up sturdy shelving and use labelled plastic tubs categorized according to your wishes so your friends and family will be blessed by what you leave them rather than left with the work of sorting.

Keep a Typed List

It’s a good idea to keep a typed list of your wishes and of the state of your rental storage with the person in charge of your estate planning. This way if confusion arises in your storage unit, your loved ones have a clear backup to work from.

Leave Notes

As you decide on whom will receive your keepsakes after you pass, consider leaving a note with the item. Explain the unique history of each piece and communicate why you’ve chosen to give this item to the recipient and how you hope it will bless them in their own lives.

Markham Self Storage is the most affordable, highest quality storage company in the Jackson, TN area. With 24/7 access and round the clock monitoring, you can rest easy knowing your heirlooms and collections are both safe and only a short drive away. Call us at 731-664-0068 to learn more about which of our cheap storage units are right for you. If you need a trailer rental, Markham Self Storage has easy to use U-Haul trailers ready and waiting.

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