Downsizing to a Smaller Home? Make the Most with Self-Storage

When you rent storage space in Jackson, TN, it’s easy to assume that it will only be temporary. But if you’re getting ready to downsize, you may be looking at a more permanent storage solution. Here are just a few ways self storage can help you when you’re getting ready to downsize.

How to Get the Most Out of Storage

Decrease Clutter

One of the biggest benefits of investing in self storage is that you’ll have more space at home. And when you plan on downsizing your home, you’ll need every inch of free space you can get. If you’re not sure what’s currently cluttering up your home, it’s a good idea to look in high-traffic areas for items that you complain about consistently. In addition, check out areas used exclusively for storage. Are they filled to the brim with things you only use a few times annually? This could be a good indicator that self storage is going to be necessary to help you keep your new, smaller home clutter-free.

Keep Seasonal Items Preserved

Seasonal decorating is one of the great joys of being a homeowner. That is, until all of your seasonal decorations are destroyed because you had to cram them all into a too-small storage space in your home. When you downsize, this is exactly the kind of situation you’re hoping to avoid. If your new home doesn’t have enough storage space for your seasonal items, self storage can be a great solution. This is especially true if your seasonal items include outdoor equipment and recreational belongings. Gardening tools, landscaping equipment, and even watersports vehicles are best kept in storage until they’re needed. This ensures they’re in tip-top shape come next year.

Store Kids’ Belongings

Whether your children are old enough that they have their own apartments or you still have a child living in the house with you, it seems like their belongings never really go away. And if you’re hanging on to items for them until they’re ready to take them, a smaller house isn’t really going to do you any favors. This is especially true if you’re holding on to larger pieces of furniture like beds, chairs, and sofas for your children. When you downsize, keeping all of those things just isn’t going to be feasible. Self storage offers a solution that keeps your space clear and keeps your kids’ belongings safe.

Protect Family Heirlooms

Whether you have young children or it’s just you and your partner, protecting family heirlooms can be tough when there’s a lot of foot traffic in your home. Wobbly shelves, careless gestures, and almost anything else could put a fragile antique at risk. If you want to make sure your family heirlooms are safe and sound until you’re ready to safely display them, self storage is an excellent solution. Not only will they be out of harm’s way, but your heirlooms will also be in a highly secure facility.

Downsizing is a big step for any homeowner to take. And fortunately, there are all sorts of ways self-storage can help you improve your home. If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN, or you want to know more about how self storage can help you downsize effectively, contact our team at Markham Self-Storage.

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