Do You Need More Than One Self-Storage Unit?

Not sure if one storage unit is going to be enough for all of your belongings? Make sure you’re asking these questions to determine whether or not you’ll need more than one storage unit.

What Items Do I Need to Store?

The first step in determining whether or not you’ll need more than one storage unit is knowing what you intend to store. Is there a single piece of large furniture that you just don’t have space for anymore? Are you simply looking for a place to store hand-me-down heirlooms and small trinkets? Whether you’re still in the “just thinking about it” stages or you’re actively planning on using self storage, it’s always best to have a concrete list of the items you want to put into storage. When you plan your storage excursion this way, you’ll never be surprised by how much (or how little) storage space you end up needing. If you’re not quite sure what you want to store yet, it’s a good idea to perform a quick walk-through of your home and write down every item you want or need to store. Once you’ve completed your walkthrough, go through your list and decide definitively what will be going into storage. This list is going to be extremely useful when you contact your self storage company to inquire about self storage unit prices and sizes. 

How Big Are the Items I’m Storing?

After you determine what you’re storing, it’s crucial to understand just how much space they’re going to take up in your storage unit(s). If you’re just putting away a few boxes of old books, toys, or family trinkets, you probably don’t need to worry about taking this precaution. But if you plan on putting multiple larger items into storage, you’re going to need exact measurements to start with. Begin by taking some basic measurements with a measuring tape. This should work fine for items like tables, sofas, or desks. For any oddly-shaped items, you may want to use a soft measuring tape instead. After you’ve completed your measurements, you’ll need to determine what you can disassemble before storing. Larger items like tables may look daunting when they’re assembled, but they’ll take up far less space once you’ve taken them apart. So in addition to your measurements, determine whether or not you’ll be disassembling any large items. It could make all the difference if you don’t want to budget for multiple storage units.

What Size Storage Unit Is Feasible?

The size of the storage unit you’re renting will play a big role in whether or not you need more than one for all of your belongings. Fortunately, your self storage company will have plenty of information for you on storage unit sizes. While every storage facility is different, self storage units typically come in a few standard sizes ranging from just large enough to get in and out to capable of storing an entire living room’s worth of furniture and then some. With your definitive list of items, some rough measurements, and the knowledge of which items can be disassembled in storage, it should be easier to determine exactly what’s most feasible for your belongings. Maybe your family heirlooms and trinkets can fit comfortably into one 5×5 storage unit. It’s also possible that you’ll need multiple 12×30 storage units because you’re storing a whole home’s worth of items. 

When you’re looking to rent a storage unit, it’s tough to determine whether you can get by with just one or not. If you live in the Jackson area and you need help determining what your exact storage needs are, contact our team at Markham Self Storage today.

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