Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage for Furniture?

If you need to rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you’ll inevitably be faced with the choice between climate controlled storage or non-climate controlled storage. If you’re storing furniture, here are a few things you should consider before making your decision.

How to Determine if You Need Climate-Controlled Storage for Furniture

Is Your Furniture Antique and Wooden?

While your antique wooden furniture has already stood the test of time, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to sustain damage in the near future. When you’re storing wooden furniture, whether it’s antique or not, humidity is going to be public enemy number one. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause wood to enter a cycle of shrinking and swelling, which can lead to irreparable warping. When you’re storing a precious antique piece of furniture that you’ve had in your family for a long time, the last thing you want is for it to sustain damage in storage because you didn’t invest in a climate controlled unit. Even non-antique wooden furniture is susceptible to this kind of damage. So if you do in fact have antique or wooden furniture, then a climate controlled storage unit will be well worth the investment to protect a piece of history.

Is Your Furniture Upholstered?

When it comes to upholstered furniture, you may not have to worry so much about warping due to humidity. Unfortunately, other issues can arise in non-climate controlled storage units for your upholstered pieces. The biggest issue that you’ll face if you place upholstered furniture in a non-climate controlled environment is changes in scent. Fabric of any kind is susceptible to picking up scents from the environment around it, and upholstered furniture is no different. So if your storage unit is humid and smells like mildew, it’s possible that you’ll bring that scent home with you when it comes time to take your chair or sofa out of storage. While wrapping your furniture in cotton or another breathable material might help reduce friction or deter pests, it won’t necessarily eliminate the smell issue. The best way to remedy this is to invest in a climate controlled storage unit to ensure there’s no mildew growth or humidity affecting your upholstered furniture.

What Season Is it?

The season might not seem like a big issue at first, but there may be serious consequences for your stored furniture if you don’t  fully understand how humidity and temperature can affect your belongings at a self storage company. For example, the harsh cold of winter can loosen furniture joints and even cause leather to crack and dry out. The oppressive humidity of summer can cause wood to expand and might cause mildew growth in your fabric furniture. If you need to store furniture in either of these extreme conditions, it is worth looking into a climate controlled storage unit. You’re probably safer in a non-climate controlled storage space for rent during transition seasons like spring and fall, but even then you could be risking the integrity of some of your stored belongings. So consider the climate in your area and the season before you put everything in a non-climate controlled unit.

When you need to store furniture, the goal is to take it home in the same condition you stored it in. When you invest in a climate controlled storage unit, you can rest assured that your beloved belongings are safe and will  have no damage due to the climate and other temperature related factors. Need to rent a climate controlled storage unit in Jackson, TN? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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