Difficulty Accessing your Belongings? Maybe you Need a Bigger Unit

Affordable storage units are available to make our lives simpler by offering extra storage that our homes don’t offer. But what happens when the one item that you need is in a small unit, haphazardly buried by other unmarked parcels? Everyone talks about organizing your life, but this is sometimes easy to forget when it comes to a storage unit.

At any given point, you need to be able to know what is in your storage unit and be able to access it with a reasonable amount of ease. If you cannot do this in your current storage unit, it might be time to consider moving to a larger unit that would allow you the freedom to get to your belongings without too much hassle.

Here are some steps for organizing your storage unit and a few things to think about if you need to move units.

Assess Your Belongings While Organizing

  1. Make a List – While this may seem like a daunting task, it is necessary for you to know everything that is stored in your storage unit and to make a master list. Sometimes this requires that you unbox things – but once you do it right one time, you don’t have to do it again! Just make sure to add any new additions to your list.
  2. Boxes – It may not seem important, but having just one or two sizes of boxes makes it easier to organize your convenient storage unit. Moving supplies help keep you organized.
  3. Wardrobe Boxes – When storing clothing, it is best to use wardrobe boxes. These boxes keep your items in shape and make it easier to access and retrieve your seasonal clothing.
  4. Avoid Plastic – When possible, always use a box and not a plastic bag. You can also wrap items in old towels and sheets. Plastic is not made for storage.
  5. Label – Make sure that you label every box in your storage unit, both on the top and on at least one side. You may want to include in your markings what room it comes from, as well as any special items inside.
  6. Easily Accessible – Keep things that you need throughout the year conveniently accessible. It is not good to bury the holiday decorations or seasonal clothing when you know you will be getting them out of storage within the near future.
  7. Consider the Size – You will want to make a layout that is organized and easy to access. You might even want to think about putting a center aisle in your unit to provide room to move around so that you can easily retrieve things. To do this, you may need to consider getting a larger storage unit.
  8. Shelves – With your newly organized layout, you may want to consider shelving. This allows you to access boxes without moving large stacks of boxes. It also allows you to store any items that are not fit for box storage.
  9. Stacking Boxes – When stacking boxes, always place the heavier boxes on the bottom to secure the stack. Lighter boxes should be on top. No stack should be beyond shoulder height.
  10. Map it Out – Make a map of your new storage unit and place a copy of it inside the door or on a wall in the storage unit. This will enable you to find your belongings without a lot of fanfare.

Size Does Matter

If it turns out that you need a bigger storage unit, it’s important to get the right tize. If you try to squeeze a two bedroom apartment into a small storage unit, you will be unable to retrieve your belongings when you need to. A small unit can also damage your belongings. Let’s look at some storage sizes and what they can hold.

  • 4×5 Unit – This size unit is best for office files, stacked chairs, clothing boxes, small amounts of books, and knickknacks.
  • 6×10 Unit – You can fit one or two pieces of furniture in this unit, as well as ten to fifteen boxes, and lawn equipment.
  • 10×12 Unit – This size unit is best if you are storing items from a one bedroom apartment.
  • 10×15 or 12×15 Unit – This size is ideal for storing items from a two bedroom apartment.
  • 12×20 or 10×24 Unit – This size unit is best if you are storing items from a two or three bedroom home.
  • 12×30 Unit – If you have a three or four bedroom home to store, this is the ideal size storage unit for you.

Whatever your needs may be, contact Markham Self-Storage for help in deciding what is best for you. We have the perfect self-storage units available for you in Jackson, TN.

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