Less is More: How Decluttering Your Home Can Improve Your Life

Clutter is more than just having too much stuff in not enough space. It’s a real issue, and research indicates that a link exists between depression and clutter. Decluttering your home may feel like a never-ending project, but even if you’re only able to put an occasional dent in that basement or garage, it still makes a difference. There are many benefits to decluttering your home.

If your house is overwhelmed with stuff, a storage rental might be a good idea. Just move boxes of stuff from your home to your storage unit rental and go through it whenever you have free time. This way, you will have the satisfaction of regaining valuable square footage in your home as well as making your home look more put together. Furthermore, even with a cheap storage unit, you will still have to pay to rent each month. This unnecessary expenditure is likely to move you to action quicker. You’ll have your home and self storage rental organized in no time.

However, before we tackle the benefits of decluttering your home, let’s first understand why we hang on to stuff we seldom need or use.

The Real Reasons We Hang on to Clutter

Clutter is a side effect of consumerism. Our society constantly bombards us with ads telling us that their product is going to make us happier, skinnier, healthier, and smarter, and we believe it time and again. We continually seek to meet our perceived needs by obtaining more stuff. We come to associate these products with our memories, hopes, and dreamswho we believe we are or who we think we should be.

Decluttering can be like turning the page, and sometimes we’re not ready to move on. It can be an admission of your failures donating that brand new guitar can be an admission of the fact that you’ll never make it as a rock star. However, an old Chinese proverb says that if you want to change your life, you must move things in your home.

Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

While it may seem like a daunting task at the start, decluttering your home has many advantages. Clearing your home of unessential items leads to a clearer and more focused mind. We tend to create physical environments that are indicative of our inner states. In fact, a study performed by neuroscientists at Princeton University found that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in decreased task performance and increased stress. Since it is often easier to work on the physical than the mental or emotional, clearing up our surroundings could help create a more peaceful and tranquil inner state. By default, a peaceful and quiet internal state will lead to an elevated mood.

In addition to lowering levels of stress, decluttering can enhance your physical health. Clutter is the perfect breeding ground for mold and collection site for dust. Both mold and dust trigger and exacerbate allergies, so do yourself a favor, and, in the words of Ana and Elsa, “Let it go!”.  

Despite your rationale for hanging on to clutter, the truth of the matter is that there are many benefits to decluttering your home. These benefits will affect your physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual wellbeing, so don’t wait any longer.

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