Could In-Home Storage Increase Utility and Energy Costs

Know your costs so you can optimize them

Did you know that the unused items you’ve been storing in your home could be costing you money every month? This may seem like a ridiculous claim, but almost every item in your home has some type of impact on your electric or energy costs. Storing your unused goods at home likely just adds to your monthly utility bill.

Let’s explore this idea and point out some of the key differences between in-home storage and self-storage facilities when it comes to utility savings.

In-Home Storage

Common locations for in-home storage are the garage, basement, closet, attic, an unused bedroom – basically any location where there is some extra space. As convenient as in-home storage can be, this may not be the most efficient means of storage as the items are spread out all over your home instead of conveniently located in one location.

One way that in-home storage can affect your utility cost is via your home’s heating and cooling systems. When you use central heat or air conditioning, every item in your home must reach the thermostat’s desired temperature before it will cut off. If you’re storing an extra couch, the couch must be cooled down before the thermostat will cut off. This goes for every item stored in your home. The more you store in your home, the harder your heating and cooling system must work to regulate the temperature. These are simply the laws of physics.

In-home storage also increases your monthly energy bill when you use electricity to look for items stored in your home. Whether you’re using overhead lighting or some other kind of lamp, every time you look for an item and turn on a light, your electric bill increases a tiny bit. If you look for several items each month, the difference in your electric bill could be noticeable.

Self-Storage Facilities

You can save money in the long run by choosing to store your belongings in a self-storage unit. It’s easy to find an affordable storage unit, and you can always choose from several types of units to suit your needs. Additionally, there are many garage-like storage spaces where you can move your belongings and not worry about temperature regulation.

If your belongings are temperature sensitive, you can get a climate controlled unit. These units stay between certain temperatures to protect your belongings from warping, cracking, fading, mildew, rust, corrosion, and other types of damage. Best of all, because you’ve chosen a storage facility, the energy costs are all included in an affordable, set monthly rate.

There are a variety of other storage solutions when you choose a self-storage facility over in-home storage, including storage options for a boat, RV, or a car. Whether you need to store belongings from an efficiency apartment or a four bedroom home, there is an affordable self-storage unit for you. Best of all, your belongings are in one place and easy to locate when you need them.If you are looking for storage solutions in the Jackson, Tennessee area, contact Markham Self-Storage with any questions. We are happy to give you a tour or show you our U-Hauls for rent. We even offer moving supplies if you need them. Be sure to look at our customer reviews.

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