Why a Change of Seasons Could Mean a Storage Rental for You

Fall is in the air. It gets darker sooner, you likely need a jacket if you’re out early in the morning or late at night, and leaves are starting to fall. And you can’t forget about Pumpkin Spice  from Starbucks to Bath and Body Works, Pumpkin Spice is everywhere. Most people love autumn, and a new season could mean the need for a storage unit. Here’s why.

Storage for Summertime Toys

Kayaks, inflatable pools, and toys for the little ones – summertime is full of activities that require stuff. When the season shifts and the kids are back in school, you’ll need a place to store everything you’ve acquired over the summer.

Change of Wardrobe

Dropping temperatures call for warmer clothes. Fall and winter clothes can be bulky, though, and if space is tight, you may not have enough room for both warm weather and cold weather clothes in your closet. If this is the case, a cheap storage unit can help house your out-of-season belongings.

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Holiday Decorations

The end of the year is full of decorating opportunities: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you’re anything like me, you take full advantage of these holidays and deck out your home with decorations from the ground to ceiling. A storage rental is a perfect place to keep all of your holiday decorations neatly organized and out of the elements.

Santa’s Secret Workshop

If you’re a parent of little ones, autumn means getting ready for Christmas. Black Friday sales give consumers the opportunity to save money on Christmas gifts, but children are curious, and if you stash all of their gifts in the house, they’re bound to find them. Instead, rent storage space at Markham Mini Storage. You can rent the unit for just one month, but remember that your second month is free, so take advantage!

Snowbirds’ Sanctuary

Individuals who migrate from colder climate areas southward to warmer locales are often known as snowbirds. Snowbirds are usually retirees who wish to avoid harsh winter weather yet preserve ties with family and friends by living there the rest of the year. Many snowbirds have small condos in two states, but others rent out their winter home and spend their summer in an RV traveling. If you rent out your winter home but don’t want strangers using some of your items, storage rental units are your best fit. The ones at Markham are affordable, safe, and conveniently located in northern Jackson, Tennessee.

Back to School

Most students go back to school at the beginning of fall. If you’re a college student living in a dorm, you may not have room for all of your belongings. You can snag cheap storage near your college or university. That way, you can easily access anything you may need without overcrowding your apartment.

Markham Mini Storage is a high-rated storage company in Jackson, Tennessee. We love our customers and will see to it that your experience with us is only the best. Come by today, and check us out.

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