Bins, Boxes, Pallets, and Shelves: What’s Best for Your Storage Needs?

There are so many ways to store belongings when you have a storage unit. While there are no definitively right or wrong ways to store items, there are a few things you can do to help make your storage unit more accessible for you, safer for your belongings, and able to hand long term storage.

To Shelve or Not Shelve – That is the Question

There are essentially three ways to store belongings in a storage unit:

  1. Stacked directly on the floor of the storage unit
  2. Stacked with the use of pallets
  3. Use shelving to place boxes, bins, and items for storage

If you stack directly on the floor of the storage unit, you are subjecting your belongings to cold, heat, dampness, and rodents. In addition, it makes it more difficult to move things around to see what you have in the unit.

When you use pallets, you provide a barrier between your belongings and the concrete underneath. However, it is still difficult to move boxes around to see what you have. It’s important to label all of your boxes, but even if everything is correctly labeled, you’ll still have trouble getting to that bottom box.

With the use of shelves, you can access boxes, bins, and tubs with ease. Shelves provide easy access and enable you to see your belongings more easily. However, shelving takes up more room and limits how you can configure the space of your storage unit.

Note: If you are storing your items long term and do not plan on accessing them very often, stacking boxes is very effective. Store boxes that you may need to access more often in the front. Remember to not stack too tall to prevent boxes from tumbling! Using boxes that are similar in size will also help in keeping things uniform and stable.

Types of Containers to Use

There are many types of storage containers available for your use. Let’s go over what the most common ones are and how you can use them most efficiently.

  • Cardboard Box – A cardboard box is great for moving and for short term storage. Just remember to mark the top and at least one side of the box with the room that the items are for and the general contents of the box. Remember that cardboard boxes are not good for long term storage as they hold moisture and break down after time.
  • Plastic Storage Containers – These containers come in many sizes from shoe box size to very large. They come with lids that can latch or snap which makes them great for keeping critters out. They are also great for long term storage as they are plastic and will not break down. You can access these containers as much as you like without them breaking them. Some containers are clear so that you can see what the contents are, while others come in colors. You can even get them in holiday colors so you instantly know what season the box relates to. However, even if you can see the contents, you should still label all of your containers so that no unseen items are missed.
  • Bins – Open bins are great for shelving in storage units for things such as nuts and bolts, odds and ends, and things that you do not have a place for.
  • Trash Cans – Trash cans allow you to stand items up for storage. They are great for wallpaper, blueprints, wrapping paper, and more.
  • Plastic Storage Drawers – These drawers are great for use on shelving in storage units because they help you organize smaller items or items that you may need on a regular basis. Batteries, light bulbs, nails, tools, and more would fit great in these drawers.

The various configurations for storage units are limitless with containers, bins, pallets, and shelving in place. Use these tools as a starting place and your storage unit will be easy to access in no time.

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