Big Summer Clean-Out: Making Space in Your Home for a New Season

Summer is here and in full swing! As you move through these warmer months, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the “stuff of summer.” We’re talking about those large inflatable flamingos, life jackets, bike helmets, camping chairs, and beach towels that you have to have for a weekend at the beach. Each of these items may be essential to your summer, but when combined they take up a lot of storage space and create clutter that must be managed.

Getting to the pool or lake is a lot easier when you have an organized system for packing up and grabbing what you need. One way to get there is by rotating your seasonal items into a self storage rental. Markham Self Storage makes it easy to stash your cool weather gear and make room for the “stuff of summer.” If you’re going through a big purge this season, keep reading to learn more about how our cheap storage units can solve all your organizational needs.

Storage Rentals for Seasonal Items

We’re guessing you don’t need your Christmas decorations in August, and that by the time winter rolls around you’re not using your bikes or your water skis. If you find yourself short on storage this summer, why not devise a plan to rotate your unused seasonal items into quality, cheap self-storage? By organizing your items in this manner, you can create easy-to-use spaces which allow you to grab what you need on your way to the beach without the clutter of off-season items.

Don’t Spend Your Summer on Storage Projects

Sure, you could search Pinterest for 101 ways to organize your garage, spending sweaty hours outdoors building shelves and cubbies. On the other hand, wouldn’t you rather be spending those hours poolside, teaching your kids your signature cannonball? Skip the hours of shelf-building in favor of stashing your items in a well-organized storage unit. Markham Self Storage is one of the most affordable storage companies in the Jackson, TN area and can help you spend your summer soaking up the sun rather than working in the garage.

How Markham Can Simplify Your Summer

Our clients love using Markham Self Storage, not only because our prices are excellent, but because we offer quality that most storage rentals don’t. Our facility is safe, clean and well monitored with a high security fence, code-accessed gate and 24/7 video monitoring. We offer fantastic rates on both short and long term rentals and you can rest assured that the items you place in storage are safe and easy to access any time you need them.

Let Our Team Help You Pick the Perfect Storage Rental

We offer a variety of storage rental options in different sizes as well as climate controlled units. If you’re unsure which unit best meets your needs, give us a call at 731-664-0068 to discuss your options. Our team has years of experience helping members of the West TN community create storage spaces that simplify their lives and help them enjoy their lives with less clutter and chaos.

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