Artistry at Work in Self-Storage Units: Creating Your Own Gallery or Painting Studio

No matter your medium, one of the most difficult parts of an artist’s life can often be a lack of work and storage space. Creating unique pieces from clay, paint, and found materials isn’t easy to pull off without an organized studio and the right atmosphere for inspiration.

The other difficult part of the artist’s lifestyle, unfortunately, is usually strategizing how to create art and stay financially afloat. Every artist and craftsman would love a well-lit industrial loft with ample wall space, rough hewn tables and rustic beams. However, few can actually afford these dream work spaces.

Many artists solve this two-part problem by leasing a storage rental to use as a studio or gallery space. Don’t become a starving artist in the pursuit of studio space and let a lack of room keep you from pursuing your passions! Keep reading to learn how to put cheap storage units to work for you.

5 Reasons Cheap Storage Rentals Work Well For Artists

Ideal For Inspiration

Although it may seem bland when you first move in, storage unit facilities can attract an eclectic blend of items perfect for inspiring your next piece. Not only will your neighbors bring you innovative ideas, but you can customize your unit with items that naturally bring out your inner muse and help you produce your next masterpiece.

Solitary Work Space

Many artists need focus and concentration to move their art forward. For the most part, your storage unit can be your haven for creativity, where no one will bother you and your work space will be just as you left it each time you return.

Climate Controlled Storage

If your finished pieces are temperature sensitive, a climate controlled self storage rental can be the perfect place to store your work until you find the right buyer. Not only will the comfort of climate control be great for your art, you can work in comfort no matter the season.

Security & Protection

If you worry about the safety and security of your art, storage for rent, especially with Markham Self Storage, can provide you peace of mind. Our facility is monitored 24/7 and our facility is secured with a high fence and automatic gate that is accessible to outsiders.


If you’re like most artists, you need to keep the bills paid with room to finance your passion projects. Storage units provide the perfect, cost-effective solution to many of your storage and workspace issues without compromising your art or your budget.

Call Markham Self Storage To Setup Your New Studio

If you’re an artist in the Jackson, TN area looking for an affordable way to set up studio or gallery space, give Markham Self Storage a call at 731-664-0068. Our team can help you decide which of our cheap storage rentals would best fit your needs and give you advice on how to set yourself up for success in your new workspace. We also offer trailer rentals and U-Haul rentals to help you get set up and move your equipment in with ease.

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