Are Your Friends and Family Packrats? Rent Them a Storage Unit.

Hey, we know hoarding is a serious disorder, but some of us are just functional packrats. For some of us it’s hanging on to items with sentimental value, and for others it’s never knowing when we might need an item that keeps us saving and collecting.

However, just because you have a tendency to collect and save items doesn’t mean your storage space matches your habits. When your collectibles pile up, it can create a host of issues including clutter, inaccessibility, and an inability to keep your house organized so you can find what you need when you need it.

If you, or someone you love has a tendency to be a packrat, a cheap storage unit may be just what you need to keep their lives and homes in order.  Keep reading to learn more about how a storage unit can be the ideal solution when clutter piles up in our spaces or in the homes of those we love.

How a Storage Unit Can Help

When you move your items into storage, you have the perfect opportunity to sort through them and organize by use, type and occasion. When you’re smart about the way you setup your storage rental, using shelving and clearly labelled plastic totes, you can grab what you need when you need it without the clutter of collection taking its toll on your home. You, of your friends and family who can’t part with their trinkets and scraps can rest easy knowing their items are organized, easy to access, and only a short drive away.

Why Markham Self Storage Is The Perfect Solution

If you or your loved ones live in the Jackson, TN or West TN area, Markham Self Storage is conveniently located and easy to access. Our facility is safe and secure from outsiders, but easy to reach for our clients. We have a high security fence, combined with an electronic gate and 24 hour monitoring that will give your family with a “hoarding” habit peace of mind that their items are protected. Finally, you get all of this with an incredibly affordable monthly rate and your second month of storage free.

Contact Us Today For Affordable Storage For Rent

If you’re ready to set up cheap self storage for the over-the-top saver in your life, give our team a call today at 731-664-0068. We can discuss your storage unit options as well as storage unit prices, and find the best fit for your unique storage rental needs. Markham Self Storage offers a variety of options for our clients, including different size storage rentals and climate controlled units. Our team has years of experience matching clients with the perfect storage solutions, leading to long lasting relationships and satisfied customers.

Need help moving your items to our facility? We offer trailer rentals and U-haul rentals to simplify your transition and help you move in with ease. Contact us today to find out why Markham Self Storage is one of the top storage companies in the Jackson TN area.

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