Adjusting to Your Home to Your College Student’s Moves

Summer is almost over, and that means back to school. Let’s pause for a moment while the students let out a loud groan and parents belt out a cheerful, “Hooray!” Done? Alright, cool. For those with a college student living at home, back to school means moving almost every year, as students transition from dorm life to home life and back. It is often a challenging time for the entire family, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to adjust your home to all your college student’s moves.


#1 Have a designated space for their belongings.

The main thing to remember when adjusting your home to all your college student’s moves is that they’ll likely be back whether it be next summer, during Christmas holidays, or if they decide to take a break from school. Instead of turning their room into an office or a storage room, leave things as they are. If you need the space, you can move large items such as beds and dressers to a climate controlled storage rental. For the most part, though, try to leave the room as is until your college student gets his or her own permanent living space. It will make it easier for everyone.

#2 Keep your home organized.

If you have the space, adjusting for your college student’s move is not that difficult. You can keep their bedroom as it is. If space is tight and you have to tear down their set up, keep all of their belongings organized. Organizing could mean putting all their stuff in storage bins or getting a rental storage just keep things tidy. It will make it easier to find things whenever you need them, and it will reduce your stress level.


#3 Let them have their own space.

This is not so much an organization trick as it is a life hack. As parents, it can be difficult to acknowledge and accept that your “little one” is not so little anymore. Despite your efforts to fight it, though, college students are adults. They may not have all of the same responsibilities as you, but most are legally considered adults. Give them their own space, both figuratively and literally. You will both appreciate it.  

#4 Rent a U-Haul.

While renting a U-Haul might be an additional expense, it can help you adjust to your college student’s move. Instead of stuffing the family vehicle with furniture, bins, and totes, a designated vehicle for moving will make things easier. You can pack at your leisure, and if you want to take a break while moving in, you can do so without having to take the mattress to the Mexican restaurant.

#5 Find a storage space for rent near your student’s university.

There’s no point in toting beds, couches, tables, and other large pieces of furniture from the university to your home at the end of each school year. If your student plans on attending the same college next semester, find some storage space for rent near the school. That way, you can quickly move the furniture into their new dorm or apartment without having to do too much driving. Additionally, if they acquire some stuff during the school year that they can’t fit in their dorm, a storage rental would be useful.

Having a college student at home means having to move almost every semester. Markham Mini Storage is in northern Jackson, Tennessee, just 13 minutes away from Jackson State Community College and 12 minutes from Lambuth University. We are conveniently located to help you adjust to your college student’s move. Come check us out, and let us be the affordable storage solution that you’ve been looking for.

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