A Guide to Self-Storing Art and Art Supplies

If you’ve run out of room for your artwork and art supplies, renting a self-storage unit from an affordable self-storage facility is an ideal storage solution. You can safely store your art supplies until you need them while still having room in your art studio to produce your best work.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering laying away some art and art supplies in a storage unit.

Climate Controlled Storage

To protect your finished artwork from chipping, cracking, fading, and other damage, consider a temperature controlled storage unit where your artwork will always be protected from harsh temperatures, humidity, and moisture. Unused paint canisters and other mixing agents will also remain protected and safe for future use. Keeping latex and acrylic paints away from exposure to high heat will keep them from drying out. By protecting your artwork and supplies, a climate controlled unit will save you money in the long run.

When storing anything in a self-storage unit, remember to keep all containers and storage bins off the ground. Not only will this make it easier to pick things up, but it allows for better airflow in your self-storage unit. One way to do this is by laying wood pallets on the floor and stacking items on top of them. In the unfortunate event that water gets into your self-storage unit, your belongings will still be protected.


In your storage unit, you should store all of your art supplies in airtight containers. This will keep your supplies clean and prevent many types of damage. Place similar items in tubs so that they are easy to grab when you need them (i.e. store all of your paint brushes together in one place).

Bottles of paint and mixing agents, even if they are unopened, should be wrapped in tape or plastic wrap in order to prevent accidental spills. Place these bottles in bins or containers with lids and label them so that they are easy to identify.

How to Store Artwork

You put a lot of time and effort into creating your artwork, so it is vitally important to protect your artwork when it comes time to store it. To properly protect your artwork in storage, follow these steps:

  • Use a blanket or bubble wrap to completely wrap each piece of artwork. Secure it with packing tape. You can also use hardboard on the front and back corners for added protective padding.
  • For unframed artwork, you can use hardboard to pad the front and back of the painting. Be sure to bubble wrap the painting and use packing tape to secure it all.
  • If you choose to roll up your artwork, roll the artwork with the paint on the outside. If you roll your artwork with the paint on the inside, significant chipping and damage may occur. Rolling is not recommended for oil paintings.If you’re looking for a home for your artwork and supplies in the Jackson, Tennessee area, contact Markham Self Storage. We have affordable self-storage and offer a variety of other services (such as U-Haul rentals) for your convenience.
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