7 Reasons to Consider Self Storage When Settling an Estate

Conducting an estate sale is no easy task. Because estate cleanouts and sales are often emotional, overwhelming tasks, it’s important to think about the process ahead of time. 

One of your greatest assets in this process could be a self-storage unit to help with either temporary storage or permanent storage. Here are a few pointers on getting started, followed by seven reasons to consider an affordable storage unit at a self-storage facility when you’re settling an estate. 

Getting Started

First, create a list of the home’s contents, including the home, garage, yard, and their contents. Some valuable items may include cars, furniture, artwork, jewelry, and paperwork (including banking papers, deeds, bonds, stocks, insurance papers, and other financial/investment documents).

You’ll need a thorough inventory if you conduct a probate court proceeding. In any case, an inventory will help you keep track of valuables, determine how you can transfer different items, divide property among beneficiaries who are set to get equal shares, and determine whether or not the estate will owe state or federal estate tax.

Consider getting help with appraisals. Liquidizing an estate can be physically and emotionally demanding. Sometimes when a family tries to save the cost of paying a professional their commission, the family loses out on the special knowledge that could help them get the best price for their items. You would be surprised at the things that can be sold for a small fortune with the help of a knowledgeable professional who truly understands the market.

After your inventory, set aside the items you want (valuable and/or sentimental items) and that you’d like to sell. Then, have a junk hauling company come and remove items that are unlikely to be sold.

As you move on with this process, it’s important to have a secure location where you can spread out, store, and potentially sell belongings. This is where a self-storage unit becomes uniquely helpful.

7 Reasons to Consider Self Storage

1. Storage Options

Settling an estate entails dealing with a wide variety of items. A self-storage unit can accommodate just about anything. What types of items are in the estate? Do they require a climate controlled unit? Antique furniture, jewelry, and electronics may not store as well in non-temperature regulated storage units, so make sure that you choose the right one. 

2. Space

Renting a storage space will provide the space you need to store the contents of your estate. How much space do you need to store the estate? Answering this question will help you determine what size storage unit you will need to rent, as well as the amount of boxes and shelving your estate will require. 

3. Room for Cataloging

An affordable storage unit provides the extra space needed to spread out and set up tables to catalog items before putting them in storage containers. 

4. Flexible Time Periods

A self-storage unit provides both temporary and permanent storage. No matter the time time frame, an affordable storage unit can accommodate your needs. 

5. Access 

Family members and friends are often intimately involved in the process of settling an estate. It’s not easy to do it all on your own, after all. Some storage facilities will allow you to bring guests or family members to your unit so you can show them what your estate entails. This will also allow you to sell items without having to move your estate to a secondary location.

6. Displays

Speaking of selling your items, many people like to set up a display for potential buyers to take stock of what’s available. A storage unit provides the space to do this so that potential buyers can see what you have to offer. 

7. Convenience 

If your self-storage unit is not convenient, you won’t access it often. When you are sifting through an estate, you need to have access to the belongings to catalog, categorize, and sell. Having a self-storage unit in your immediate vicinity provides convenient access for the times when you need to grab something, as well when you want to display and sell items.   If you need advice or assistance with a self-storage unit, the professionals at Markham Self Storage in Jackson, Tennessee are here to help. Contact us today.

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