5 Ways Businesses Take Advantage of Self Storage

Business needs are constantly changing, and sometimes your facility or on site storage just can’t keep up. Thankfully, self storage rentals are an easy solution to your short or long term storage needs. We serve a number of rental clients in the Jackson, TN who make their business work with a affordable, cheap storage units.

Let’s highlight 5 clever ways businesses take advantage of a self storage rental to move their businesses to the next level.

Off Season Equipment

Many businesses have items they only need occasionally or for certain parts of the year, such as snow shovels, machinery, tools, seasonal decor or signage. As your business grows, so do your storage needs. Although on-site storage is ideal, expansions and relocation are pricey and inconvenient. This is where off-site, cheap self storage can come in handy as you rotate the things you need on hand as the seasons change.

Extra Displays or Furniture

Many retail businesses have seasonal or spare displays that they rotate in and out as needs change. Similarly, many offices have increasing and decreasing staffing needs, causing them to store extra furniture until it’s needed again. This is a perfect reason to rent a storage unit, as you can stash your items until you need them and grab them anytime, 24/7.

Overstock or Overflow Items

If you find yourself with too much of a certain item and no more space in your stockroom, it’s rental storage to the rescue. Cheap storage rentals are the perfect solution to safely store your overstock items until it’s time to rotate them into the mix.

Extra Workspace for Interns

Do you have some extra help for the summer or for a season? Are you out of space for spare desks and workspace? Why not set up a team in a storage unit to conduct business off-site for a while until you can fit them in a desk at your  main location.

Store Records and Backup Files

Backup files and older paper records can take up a lot of floor space and don’t need to be regularly accessed. One the other hand, when you need them, they can be extremely important. By organizing your files in a rental storage unit, you can save your records in an easy to access off-site location that frees up your main space for storage and more regularly needed records.

No matter your business needs, the team at Markham Self Storage can help you create the storage solutions you’ve been looking for. Additionally, we offer affordable trailer rentals and U-haul rentals to make setting up your storage unit a snap. Our facility is safe and secure so you can rest easy knowing that your storage unit is protected with a high fence and round-the-clock monitoring. If you’re looking for business storage in the Jackson, TN area, give us a call at 731-664-0068 to learn more about what Markham Self Storage can do for you.v

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