5 Boat Maintenance Issues Resolved with Climate-Controlled Storage Rentals

Your boat is your pride, your toy, and even your investment, but the West, TN area isn’t conducive to boating all year long. This means that every boat owner in the Jackson, TN area needs to have safe, secure storage for their watercraft when it’s not in use.

When it comes to boat storage you have several options: you can stack it in dry storage, stash it in your garage, or store it indoors with a trusted storage company. There are a host of benefits to placing your boat in climate-controlled storage when not in use. Not convinced? Keep reading for the top 5 boat maintenance issues that can be resolved by placing your watercraft in climate-controlled rental storage.

Indoor Storage Eliminates Fading

All too often boat owners keep their vessels out in the wind, sun, and rain, leaving their stunning paint jobs to fade and their pricey upholstery to crack and wear. Protect your watercraft and eliminate these issues by tarping your boat and storing it dry with quality cheap storage units. This method of boat storage eliminates UV damage as well as exposure to the elements, meaning that your paint and upholstery will still look stunning up to a decade later.

Storage Rentals May Reduce Burst Hoses

Extreme temperatures can cause your hoses and belts to wear and crack prematurely. When you place your boat into secure, climate-controlled storage for rent you can minimize damage and reduce breakdowns out on the water.

Rental Storage Can Prevent Rodent Damage

One of the top issues when boats are placed into rental storage is rodent and pest damage. These critters are looking for a warm place to bunk down for the winter and your boat fits the bill nicely. Many garages and sheds have rodent issues, but climate- controlled, indoor storage is typically safe and rodent-free. However, since these pests are persistent, it’s a good idea to securely tarp your boat for long term storage periods, just to be sure the mice don’t play.

Climate-Controlled Storage Protects Electronics

The electronic panels on your boat don’t do well with the condensation and expansion that comes with extreme temperature shifts. Many boat storage options, even indoor ones, can’t provide your boat with a stable temperature. Indoor climate-controlled storage rentals, on the other hand, can protect the delicate wiring on your boat’s electronics by eliminating the potential for condensation issues and damage.

Easily Maintain and Check Your Boat All Year ‘Round

The best maintenance plan for your boat is to check it regularly and thoroughly, even when in storage. This way, if something has gone wrong you can catch it early and correct the issues, giving you more hassle-free days on the water. A climate-controlled, cheap storage rental allows you to store not only your boat, but the tools you need to maintain and work on it, giving you the boat garage of your dreams without taking away from your at-home storage space.

Let Markham Self Storage Look After Your Boat

If you’re in the Jackson, TN area and are a little short on storage space, give the Markham Self Storage team a call. We have years of experience helping our clients find the perfect cheap storage solutions without compromising safety or quality.

Our facility is monitored 24/7, with a high security fence, and a code-accessed gate. We ensure your belongings are protected and safe, ready at the moment you need them with no-hassle access. Call us today at 731-664-0068 to learn more about what Markham Self Storage can do for you.

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