4 Ways New Business Owners Benefit from Self Storage Units

Owning a business is a lifelong dream for thousands of Americans. And while owning your own business gives you a certain amount of freedom, it is also a big responsibility. You call all of the shots, and you are accountable for all of the highs – and the lows. It requires you to “burn the candle at both ends” – overseeing things as menial as ensuring that toilet tissue is in stock to devising marketing strategies. And though the link may seem surprising, there are several ways that new business owners benefit from self storage units.

A storage rental can provide extra work space.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to complete a lot of your work from a rental storage. If you have a craft business, for example, a cheap self storage unit is invaluable. It gives you a place to store all of your materials. Just get a few bookshelves or storage bins and organize all of your supplies. You can even stage your unit with decorations, hang up a backdrop, and take pictures of your products. If your storage company permits, you can even spend a few hours working out of your unit; you’ll benefit from a designated work area that is free of clutter and distractions.

Storage units can keep products secure.

Most storage companies have top-of-the-line security: gates, fences, surveillance, and some even employ security guards. Furthermore, if you opt for a climate controlled unit, you can ensure that your products will be free from moisture, cracking, warping, and other effects that shifting temperatures can have.

A self storage unit can grow as your company grows.

Most companies start small. In the beginning, it’s likely that you won’t need much space. But as your business and production requirements grow, you can easily rent additional units. These makeshift warehouses will help keep your business organized and productive until you’re able to lease a warehouse or office building of your own.

Storage units can save you money.

Unlike leases, storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis. It’s essential to have this type of flexibility when you’re just starting a company. You don’t want to deplete your resources by paying an arm and a leg for a warehouse that is much too big. At the same time, if you find that you require additional space, you can always rent another unit, or you can just end your contract with the storage company and move on to bigger and better things.

Storage units are a great asset for new business owners. If you’re in need of a reliable, safe, and conveniently-located storage company in Jackson, Tennessee, look no further than Markham Mini Storage. Our prices are competitive, our customer service is exceptional, and when you sign up, your second month is free.

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